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20                                            IOTES  O\F
Bayrexith an sxxperintendent of mines in th,e newly ac-
quired Franc'.oniati districts, with the official commis-
sion, entirely to remodel the mining operations thoro,
The Baron, von Hardonborg, 'who subsnqnotttly
played Htioli a prominent part in the Prussian ad-
invnistration, and with whom William von Mumboldt
ontorod into nueh a peexiliar connexion and opposition,
was, at tho tixne when Humbert dt catne to Bayrexitli,
a young provincial minister of tho Franconian prin-
cipalities, and soon, became an ixititnafce frieiul of the
yoxtng snperintoiidont, by whom ho was iutrodueod to
"William von Humboldt in the following year.
As Buporintcmdont,, Humboldt wan at the same
time general director of the mines in the prinmpaHtloB
of Bayrexith and Anspaeh ; and his ind<kfati^abhi in-
ihiBtry wan directed, benidcis his Hoicnitilic laljourn, to
the erection of public inBtitxitiom in these dLstrieln,
He filled this position till 17^5, wliet) IHJ voluntarily
resigned it ; Ids soul, <lxiring the whole period, worked
secretly at the plan of a great voyage of* dincovory, but
MB immediate neighhoixrliood atul the* opportunities
of hiB position called forth a multitude of loanunl
workn atul practical observations,, whicdi. Bpread hin
repxitation aw a clover natxiralist. TIo employed him-
self nxx'ieh with various experiments on the physical
atul chemical laws of metallurgy, and took a coi-mulcr-
able share in the dissemination of the theory of kin
teachor, Werner, who Wits an eminent supporter of
the so-called Noptunismus in the formation of the
world, arid consequently ascribed all the formations of
the solid earth erxist to the influcnco of the waters.
Alexander vou Humboldt/e treatises on these nubji^ete
may bo foxincl in the "Mining Journal " of VON MOM:/,
iti Kdhler and Hofiman^ ffournal, in OrelFn (Jliemical
ArxnalSj as well as in the chemical and physical journals
which Qron, Scherer? Gohler, Gilbert, and Poggcmdorf
edited at that time ; he also "worked ijadustrioiiffly for
the French periodicals, " Joxirxial do Physique/^ and
" Annales do Ohimie/' In, thoso troutinoB ho laid clown
the foundation of Ms subseJJtiOnt ripor